Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ballard Loft - Ballard, Seattle

Ballard is a great place to be on a Sunday. Not only is parking free, but they have a fabulous farmer’s market. Dear Ben and I thought Friend Ed would enjoy checking out the scene and grabbing a bite to eat. There are so many restaurants, but we eventually settled on the Ballard Loft. We loved how the industrial garage door was open allowing the inside and outside portion of the bar to flow seamlessly together.

We started with the Black N Tan Onion Rings. The thick cut onion rings are literally striped with Guiness and Bass beer. I have no idea how they do it. Actually I asked our sweet waitress, but I think she forgot (we did too once the food came). To be honest, they looked a little too perfect, so I’m assuming they aren’t made in house. Either way, I love a beer battered onion ring when you can actually taste the beer.

Half N Half Onion Rings (Black N Tan)

You know the point where you’re so hungry that everything sounds good, but you’re so hungry that nothing sounds good? That might explain why I ordered the Washington Apple Dogg. It’s a quarter-pound apple pork sausage split open on a French roll. It’s loaded with cream cheese and topped with a mixture of grilled apple chunks, onion, and garlic. I picked it because of the cream cheese. This is not the type of plate I would normally order, but it was tasty. I ate half, then traded plates with Dear Ben.

Washington Apple Dogg

Dear Ben ordered the Sea Dog, a quarter-pound kielbasa sausage on a bun, with plain cream cheese, Inglehoffer stone ground mustard, grilled onions, and sauerkraut. Again, I convinced Dear Ben it would be good because of the cream cheese, and he did love it. Actually we both enjoyed the Sea Dog more than the sweet Washington Apple Dogg. The Sea Dog had a zest that woke up the tongue. Dear Ben still hasn’t stopped talking about that mustard…

If you like sausages, Ballard Loft is your spot. They have an entire page of specialty dogs from German Brats, to Italian Sausage, to a spicy Mexican Chorizo, to an All-American Boar’s Head 100% Beef Frank. They seem to know just how to dress up a “Dogg.” I think I should probably try them all.

Don’t eat meat? Sub for a veggie dog. Don’t eat carbs? Go bunless!

Sea Dog

Friend Ed decided on some sliders. While they have six specialty slider options, Friend Ed went with the Soldered Sliders on the appetizer menu. The plate comes with four seasoned mini-cheeseburgers topped with a thick horseradish pickle slice on a buttered bun. Friend Ed picked these sliders because he thought the pickles were intriguing. He says there wasn’t a strong horseradish flavor, but a good thick pickle nonetheless. Want more meat? Add bacon for just a buck.

Soldered Sliders
Look at that thick pickle slice!

Not coming to eat? You’ll be in good company. Ballard Loft has several flat screen TVs, darts, two pool tables, FREE shuffleboard, and video games. Just want to relax with a drink? They’ve got you covered there too. Eight beers on tap, cocktails, and songs you know by heart.

Want to know what I’m looking forward to? Trivia Night. It’s Tuesday nights from 8pm-10pm. You can bring a team of up to six players for happy hour specials and prizes, and I do love to win. Yes, that means I’m coming back to Ballard Loft. It’s just the casual spot I’ve been looking for, and I’ve got Dear Ben to thank for finding it. Thanks, Benji!

Think you could beat me in trivia? Here’s a piece of trivia: What’s the origin of the Kielbasa sausage?

Ballard Loft

5105 Ballard Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107

(206) 420-2737

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