Saturday, August 8, 2009

Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream - Seattle

Salty Caramel? Honey Lavendar? Balsamic Strawberry? Those are just a few of the interesting ice cream flavors you can get at Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream in Wallingford. If that sounds a little far out for you, don’t worry, they have classic flavors like Chocolate and Vanilla Bean too. You can ask for a taste if you’re unsure, but beware, that might make your decision even harder.

Look at that Boston Terrier in the logo!

I got one scoop of Salty Caramel and one scoop of Vivace Coffee. When I say scoop, I mean, SCOOP. They are so very generous with their servings. The coffee ice cream wasn't too strong, but you can see the tiny coffee grounds whipped through out. MIL Janice and I agreed that the Salty Caramel was the best flavor of the day. Sweet and salty, almost like a Payday candy bar, but without the caramel getting stuck in your teeth. So. Good.

Salty Carmel and Vivace Coffee Ice Cream

Dear Ben got a scoop of Balsamic Strawberry and a scoop of Chocolate. Molly Moon’s makes waffle cones fresh to order, so Dear Ben went that route. Chocolate on the bottom, Balsamic Strawberry on the top. You could actually see the balsamic on the Balsamic Strawberry. We decided that the balsamic makes the strawberry extra strawberry-y. The Chocolate flavor even stood out, such an intense chocolate flavor. It tasted delicious with the waffle cone crunch.

Chocolate & Balsamic Strawberry in a Waffle Cone

MIL Janice and FIL Dave split a two scoop bowl of Maple Walnut and Red Currant. I didn’t taste the Maple Walnut, but I assume it has a hint of Maple Syrup with walnut pieces. The Red Currant was very sweet. It’s a good compliment to the nutty flavor of the Maple Walnut.

Maple Walnut & Red Currant

There’s good news and bad news about Molly Moon’s. The bad news: Waiting in line. The good news: it’s worth it. Creamy, luscious ice cream is always worth it – calories and all. My glass is definitely half full! I can’t decide what I’ll get next time, Birthday Cake Ice Cream with Sprinkles or Honey Lavender with Cajeta (a Spanish sweet caramel syrup). It will be hard to get anything other than the Salty Caramel though. What’s your favorite way to eat Molly Moon’s?

Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream
1622 1/2 N 45th St

Seattle, WA 98103

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  2. it's an atypical restaurant, and when I went , the people can't eat faster, because the food isn't easy to eat, I mean it's a great place but the food wasn't good, but its my opinion and I love to put across my opinion as a poise or something like that.