Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tacos Guaymas - Green Lake, Seattle

I could eat Mexican food every day, but I’m going to have to be desperate to go back to Tacos Guaymas. If you’ve ever had really good Mexican food, you’ll be disappointed with the tastes here.

I will say that I like the idea of a condiment bar, being a saucy girl and all. It provided some entertainment for a few minutes; the hokey band inside certainly didn’t. You’ll want to venture inside to sample the flavors because the main salsa is a little too sweet. I liked the green salsa the best.

I ordered the cheese enchiladas with onions. I ended up with raw onion enchiladas with a little bit of cheese. How did that get lost in translation, and who would want a raw onion enchilada? Perhaps I need to be more specific. Luckily I do like onions, so I managed to eat two of the three enchiladas. The sauce wasn’t anything special either. I substituted black beans instead of pinto beans. You can’t really mess up black beans, so it was acceptable. The rice was obviously mass produced without much flavor.

Cheese Enchiladas

Black Beans Substituted

Dear Ben was sweet enough to order the Chicken Mole enchiladas. He knew I wanted to try them. Unfortunately, these enchiladas were not very good either. It tasted more like BBQ chicken and tortillas. At least the mole sauce had a little bit of smoky, spicy flavor to spark up the plate.
Chicken Mole Enchiladas

It was a disappointing dinner. No exciting flavors or really anything that would make Taco Guaymas stand out from the ordinary Mexican restaurant chain. Did I order the wrong thing? Is there something on their menu that is worth me going back?

Tacos Guaymas
6808 E Green Lake Way N
Seattle, WA‎

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  1. ohhhhhh so sorry to hear about this bad experience! I love Tacos Guaymas ... I always get the veggie burrito and it is BIG and AWESOME.

    Good luck next time!