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Valhalla Table - Costa Mesa

Where can you go to find housemade sausages in a variety of flavors, Belgian fries, and lots of sauces at your fingertips? Why, Valhalla Table, located at the CAMP in Costa Mesa, that's where! And you can feel good about these sausages, they are made with all natural ingredients by Chef Ehrline and her sister, using Jidori chicken, Niman Ranch pork, and Niman Ranch beef. It's all hormone and steriod-free. German street food taken to the next level, this is my kind of place!

Dear Ben and I were on our way to South Coast Plaza when we passed Valhalla Table. I was feeling like it might be snack time, so we pulled in. Not only are their food choices enticing, but you might be compelled to visit for a couple of great beers or a game on the TV. It's not a sports bar by any means, but Valhalla Table has got something for everyone - whether you come to eat or to drink and whether you're a carnivore or an herbivore.

Since it's frowned upon to drink with a baby in the belly, I tried one of their other bottled beverages, Thomas Kemper's Ginger Ale. It had a great ginger flair, not like a regular ole Canada Dry. A nice treat for your designated driver, perhaps?

Or try their freshly squeezed lemonade. You can watch them make it!
It comes straight from the lemon.

Look... It's smiling at me! This is the Loukanika lamb sausage off their "Gourmet Sausage" menu ($7, price includes tax). I really wanted to try their duck sausage with bacon and jalapeno, but sadly they were sold out, so this is what they recommended to me. It was an OK choice, but I'll be trying something different next time. It was a tad dry, but my course-grained mustard from the condiment counter helped. You are allowed to choose one topping for your sausage, and I picked the sauerkraut (add an extra topping for a buck).

Loukanika Lamb Sausage

Being the traditionalist that he is, or perhaps it's his St. Louis ties, Dear Ben ordered the Bratwurst with grilled onions off the "Classic Sausage" menu ($6). It was truly great, and this is coming from a girl who's had her fair share of bratwursts from across the country and throughout her favorite European city, München. I liked the juicy brat better than the lamb for sure, and I didn't even really need the added onions.


Condiment Counter

I didn't feel like the trip would be complete without some of their Belgian fries ($3.50), even though this trip was really only supposed to be a snack. The potatoes are cut in-house, and guess what they taste like? Potatoes. Yep, nothing artificial about them. They aren't crispy, but I don't think they're supposed to be. The fries come lightly salted and with one dipping sauce. Here are your choices: Olive Oil mayo, Aioli, Mango curry mayo, Pesto mayo, Spicy Sambal ketchup, Satay sauce, Wasabi mayo, Buttermilk ranch, Smokey bbq sauce. Which one do you pick? We picked the regular aioli, but if you can't decide get all of them for a dollar each. I'll be more adventurous next time, and you can betcha there will be a next time.

Belgian Style Potato Fries

Again, this snack just cried out for a dessert. I got the Mud Cup ($5). Dear Ben doesn't eat Tiramisu (I thought I might share?), and I don't do bread pudding very well, so the Mud Cup seemed like the best choice. It was chocolate pudding/mousse with brownie bits and cold whipped cream. The owners of this place also own a bakery, and they bring over sweet treats daily. It was actually very tasty, and I think it can be pretty easily recreated at home. Dear Ben - are you reading this? Maybe you can make this for me?

Mud Cup

Valhalla Table was a great place to catch a quick bite to eat. I love sausages, and if I could characterize my entire pregnancy with one word it would be, "Fries." Clearly, this place hit the spot for me, and I am very anxious to get back to try all of their sausage flavors. I'll get back with you when that happens.

Valhalla Table
2981 Bristol St
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 549-2960

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  1. Hi Mrs.Kroeter it's Lauren T. That mud cup looks fantastic ! If Ben makes that make sure you tell me so we can share ! You keep on blogging and I'll keep reading! (and post too)