Tuesday, April 6, 2010

FROST Doughnuts - Mill Creek

September 2009

Want a doughnut shop where you can get a little something out of the ordinary? FROST Doughnuts is a sweet spot in Mill Creek where you can find something tasty at any time of day. There is a rotating daily menu with prices starting at just 99 cents, so these doughnuts aren't just for Saturday mornings (although that does seem like a fine time for you to check out FROST).

Sneak a peek at the bakers at work!

Smokey Bacon Maple Bar
My favorite. Fried dough, maple glaze, bacon pieces. What's not to love?

Aztec Chocolate
Another great one! Chocolate cake doughnut, cayenne pepper and cinnamon chocolate sauce, gourmet chocolate shavings. The chocolate sauce has a kick that will keep you coming back for more. Don't worry about the cayenne giving it too much spice; there's just enough to make you say, "Yum!"

German Chocolate
Pretty typical of what you'd think. If you like German Chocolate Cake, you'll probably like it. You'll like the cake better, but the doughnut is a good substitute. Chocolate cake doughnut with a coconut, pecan, and caramel topping.

Southern Red Velvet
Everybody wants in on the red velvet lovefest going on, don't they? I'm actually a huge red velvet fan, but I wasn't a big fan of this. It's not that I didn't like it, but it just didn't stand out. It's a basic cake doughnut with a little cocoa and red dye for the color with a cream cheese frosting. It has a chocolate wedge on top, but I could take it or leave it. That said, I really can't think of anyone that would not like it. You would probably want to include it if you were picking up a box for the office.

Bourbon Caramel Pecan
Vanilla cake doughnut with a bourbon, caramel glaze then topped with pecans. Obviously, you need to like pecans to pick this one. Not available Monday, Thursday, or Saturday.

Caramel Apple Fritter
Dear Ben loves apple fritters, and he enjoyed this one too. I do not like apple fritters, so I can't say one way or another. Available only on Tuesday and Saturday.

We tried several doughnuts from FROST, and they were all pretty good. I like their inventive flavors, and the shop itself is attractive and clean. I'm not going to make a special trip to Mill Creek for doughnuts, but I'd definitely stop back in if I were in the area and needed something to quench my sweet tooth.

FROST Doughnuts
15421 Main Street, Ste 102
Mill Creek, WA 98012

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