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Spring Hill - West Seattle

Spring Hill has long been on my list. I can still remember the day that Friend Kelly posted a link about the restaurant on my facebook page. It was a link to an article by Bon Appétit Magazine announcing that Spring Hill had made the Best New Restaurant List of 2009. It might have taken more than a year, but the day finally came. My first adventure over the West Seattle Bridge.

Spring Hill has several tempting drink choices, including Mexican Coca-Cola. Dear Ben and I had iced tea, and Friend Kris got a mimosa. Friend Keri was the wise owl and started with a Bloody Mary.

The Bloody Mary warrants a
little more information. We all tasted it and agreed that it might be the best one we'd ever tried. It was made with chili-infused vodka, house-made worcestershire sauce, and a spicy rim of finely ground salt. Of course it didn't hurt that it included a green olive, pickle, and thick mortadella sausage skewer. Friend Keri gave Friend Kris her olive. If that doesn't say, "Olive You," I don't know what does.

Bloody Mary

The apple beignets with vanilla sauce were the first to be served and proved to be a memorable start. Whoever thought that dessert can be an appetizer was a genius; that's what Friend Kris said. It's a great idea that nary a person can argue. Friend Keri said that if she doesn't like her meal, she would order more of these. Sounds like a good plan to me. Light and airy, sugary-sweet, and filled with a thick apple slice. The best I've ever had. After the beignets were eaten up, there was still a bit of vanilla sauce left in the bowl. Friend Keri said she wanted to lick the bowl, just as she was using her finger to make sure none of that deliciousness escaped. I think Emilie Post would have approved, just this once.

Apple Beignets

I love popovers (goat cheese popovers are my favorite), and the Spring Hill popovers were a tasty treat too. The dough was crisp crust on the outside, and soft on the inside. Bread lovers everywhere can unite around this popover. It's served with your choice of jam or nutella, and we choose the cinnamon spiced apple butter. The apple butter was great, so I felt that even the Babe needed a little taste.

Popover with Apple Butter

We did order something more appropriate for the Babe. The Babe ordered fruit and yogurt. While he's not quite old for such a fancy yogurt with vanilla bean and honey, the peeled apple slices were right up his alley.

Fruit and Yogurt
The Babe with his newfound teether.

Soon, our main courses arrived. Friend Kris and I got the French Toast. French Toast is something I have never ordered at a restaurant. Sweet foods too early in the morning, my stomach does not like. But this French toast can be ordered with fried chicken nuggets and sausage gravy. If you aren't a fan of the chicken and waffle kind of thing, you can go traditional with spiced apples and powdered sugar.

Four slices of thick toast and three round fried chicken nuggets, with a chunky sausage gravy and maple syrup for dipping or drizzling. Friend Keri enjoyed the maple syrup, but I lapped up the gravy. You can eat the gravy with a fork! Friend Kris asked for a bit more gravy, which the server happily obliged.

The texture of the bread was indee
d just right, not too eggy and the perfect sponginess. Remember this is coming from a girl who as a general rule does not enjoy French toast. It was a plate that will please even the pickiest eater.

French Toast with Fried Chicken Nuggets

Friend Kris also ordered a side of Zoe's applewood smoked bacon. It was the right thickness but could've been cooked a bit more. The crispiness of bacon is so subjective, and not everyone likes it as crispy as I do. I managed to eat my share, of course.

He also asked for a side of hash brown potatoes. They were formed in little rectangles, and I'm just going to give them t
he benefit of the doubt that they were made from a whole potato that once existed in their facility.

Bacon & Hash Browns

In my opinion, Friend Keri was the big winner of the day. She picked the wood grilled kassler bone-in hamsteak. I never, ever would have thought it would be so succulent; the description reminded too much of pork steak, which I despise. The skin-on hamsteak was thick and juicy and salty and fabulous. The plate came with Beecher's cheddar grits topped with a soft cooked egg and sauteed greens. I'm a grits girl, and they were terrific. I could eat that every day.

Bone-In Hamsteak

Friend Kris thought that Dear Ben was the big winner of the day though. He picked the chicken fried turkey club. Yes sir, chicken fried steak meets the classic club. Every bit of the plate was taken to the next level. Tomato preserves, butter lettuce, crispy bacon, and thick Beecher's cheese. As if the sandwich wasn't enough to satisfy anyone's soul, it's served with a mound of beef-fat fries. Fried Kris grabbed a fry off of his plate before it ever hit the table, proclaiming that it was the best fry he's ever had. The white oniony sauce on the side had us all double-dipping. If you like a club sandwiches, you will not go wrong with this. I dare anyone reading to find a better club sandwich. Seriously, tell me if you find it because I will have to seek it out.

Chicken Fried Turkey Club

The whole brunch experience was good on so many levels. Dear Ben says it's more dangerous to drive after eating this than after having three beers. You will love it so much that you will be delirious. Friend Keri was red in the face, and I don't believe I've ever seen Friend Kris get out of control. He just kept putting food in his mouth, grabbing every which way from the many plates on the table.

Coming from a table that might be just a little bit hard to please, Spring Hill blew us all away. I'm coming back. And soon. I've got to have your Monday Night Fried Chicken before it's too late. July 11, 2011 is the last hurrah for that sought after meal. Until then...

Spring Hill Restaurant & Bar
4437 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116

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