Friday, April 24, 2009

Ruby's - Huntington Beach Pier

"Just so you know, the shake of the month is white chocolate raspberry." If you've been to Ruby's during the month of April, chances are that you've heard this line before. Ruby's. Interesting choice for a Friday night, huh? But this is where we always go to celebrate our anniversary of living in sunny California - 3 years today.

So, anyway: the food. Our nice waitress, Christy, immediately popped by our table asking if we'd like a cherry coke or a chocolate milkshake. I took the diet cherry coke (with a real cherry, no less), and dear Ben took her up on the chocolate milkshake. We studied the menu going back and forth debating on just how healthy we'd choose to be. The blue cheese sliders with an onion ring on top? The "skinny lunch"?

I made a compromise and ordered a mushroom and swiss burger with a veggie patty on a wheat bun with no sauce. I even opted for a salad instead of fries. Unthinkable? No, no... I always have a plan, and did I mention that I'm currently typing this post in one-size-fits all pajama pants? Ben's plan was ordering a simple, old-school meal: Cheeseburger with American cheese and fries. Perfect, I'll steal dear Ben's crunchy french fries!

When our burgers arrived in those ruby red baskets, I was pleasantly surprised. My veggie burger looked quite appetizing, and in one bite I felt content with my "healthy" choice. I think dear Ben must have seen the wistfulness in my eyes as I looked over at his mound of hot french fries. He knew just what to say, "You won't even miss the fries!" Actually he was right, and I didn't miss the girth of a regular meat patty either. How could I with two slices of melted swiss cheese and so many mushrooms? My tastebuds and tummy were totally satisfied. Dear Ben concurred that his was equally as tasty. He even commented that it was better than it had been the last few times we had been there. And it was.

Mushroom & Swiss Veggie Burger and Old School Cheeseburger

While there were no dolphins jumping near the pier to make the whole Ruby's experience complete, the prompt and professional waitress and the comforting food made us glad we ventured down the windy pier once again for our California Anniversary.

... and those are my Notes from the Napkin!

Ruby's Surf City Diner
#1 Main Street (On the Pier)
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

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