Sunday, July 19, 2009

Señor Moose Café – Ballard, Seattle

I haven’t had Fiesta Grill in more than a week, so I was in desperate need of a Mexican food fix. Sunday seems like a great day to fill your soul with salsa and tortillas, so Señor Moose Café looked to be the answer. We had a bit of wait when we arrived at close to 2pm, but most good things in life require some patience.

Ben was excited because he heard that Señor Moose had excellent authentic mole. I was excited because I always love to try new enchiladas. No today though. They don’t make either of those for lunch on Sundays. At first I think my heart fell on the floor, but then Friend Jeff helped me realize that if we dined on a weeknight we wouldn’t get to experience this particular menu, and there were appetizing choices.

In fact, there were several things I had my eye on, though most items on the menu had eggs in them, and I just wasn’t in the mood for eggs. Our waitress, who seemed to be the restaurant’s matriarch, soon came around for our drink and food order. Dear Ben and Friend Jeff both ordered a Mexican beer, and I ordered the Sangria. I really wanted a horchata and diet coke mix, but the menu indicated that the Sangria was hecho en casa, so I had to try it. It was mildly sweet with a strong plum flavor. It was good, but I didn’t finish it. I guess you should probably go with your first instinct. I would have lapped it up on another occasion though.


Another house made item is the guacamole: chunky sauce of avocado, jalapeño, tomatoes, cilantro, and onion. You could clearly see each individual element, which was a good thing since Friend Jeff isn’t crazy about tomatoes. It was simple and fresh, but the chips were the star. They come to your table piping hot, and they weren't your plain ole chips from under the heat lamp! I’m a saucy girl, but I liked these chips plain too! I wish we’d gotten salsa to go along with the guacamole. Next time…

Guacamole and Chips

The entrees arrived very soon. I love Chilaquiles, and I ordered mine with shredded chicken and green salsa. You can choose to have your chilaquiles plain, with two eggs, or with carne asada. You also get a choice between red or green salsa. The fried tortillas bits soak up the tangy green salsa, and it’s topped with seasoned shredded chicken and a large spoonful of cream. It’s similar to a tortilla casserole. The plate came with black beans and cotija cheese sprinkles. Dear Ben and Friend Jeff both agreed that my meal was absolutely delicious, and it was! If enchiladas aren’t available, this will be a repeat for me. Maybe next time I’ll order a side of their red salsa to taste as well.

Chilaquiles with Shredded Chicken

Friend Jeff got my second choice off the menu, Carnitas. The portion of crispy and moist pork cubes was very generous; it’s definitely two meals worth. It comes with sliced avocado, refried pinto beans, onions, cilantro, lime wedges, and warm corn tortillas for taco making. While the meat really was moist and flavorful, I think I’d prefer it swimming in green salsa. Friend Jeff wasn’t disappointed with the lack of sauce though.

Dear Ben ordered a traditional breakfast dish from Motul, Yucatan, called “Huevos Motuleños.” This dish was swimming in sauce, so it was really hard to see the many components on his plate. Included were tortillas, black beans, eggs (his were prepared over-medium), green peas, ham chunks, and plantain slices. It had a very smoky flavor with a more than a hint of spice. When I asked how he liked it, he said, “The ham had really good flavor, and I actually liked the peas. You don’t see many Mexican dishes with peas.” No, Dear Ben, you don't. Wonder why?
Huevos Motuleños

Save the best for last though. Señor Moose has a fabulous Tres Leches, three milk cake! Tres leches has been my favorite dessert since dining with Friends Keri and Kris at BARcelona in St. Louis . I have a feeling that Friend Keri would have savored every bite as much as I did with our signature slow spoon movement as if trying to make the dessert last just a tiny bit longer. It was even cut in triangles the way I love. Señor Moose also has a Chocolate Tres Leches, but I’ll save that for if Friends Keri and Kris make a trip up to the Pacific Northwest . That is, unless they don’t visit, then I’ll have to have it. She’ll understand.
Tres Leches

Señor Moose, you put a smile on my face! I will definitely be back on a weeknight to taste more of your “comida tipica,” real Mexican food. Put me down right now for a sampling of enchiladas, and Dear Ben wants some mole. Until then… hasta luego!

…and those are my Notes from the Napkin!

Señor Moose Cafe
5242 NW Leary Ave
Seattle , WA 98107
(206) 784-5568

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  1. I was lucky enough to enjoy lunch on Sunday with Napkin Girl and Friend Ben. The food was excellent (as described) with very generous portions. I took my Carnitas to work for lunch the next day - I added some shredded cheese and a corn tortilla. Stuffed the whole thing in the microwave (pork, cheese, tortilla, onion, cilantro, and lime wedges). Nuked for two minutes and enjoyed one of my best lunches of the year.