Friday, July 17, 2009

The Sitting Room - Seattle

Dear Ben has been hearing me talk about The Sitting Room for weeks now. We actually hadn’t planned on going tonight, but the “Bite of Seattle” turned out to be very unappealing. In fact, "The Bite of Seattle" was not at all what we expected, so instead of filling up on mediocre tastes there, we decided to head somewhere that we actually had a place to sit without the fear of grass stains. Ah, yes – so why not The Sitting Room…

When we arrived around 8:30pm the place was about half full, and we chose a secluded table for two on a bit of a platform near the entrance. I didn’t see a “Please wait to be seated,” sign, and it took someone awhile to realize we were there.

Once I was able to place my drink order, I picked the Cucumber Martini with Ketel One Vodka, fresh English Cucumber purée, and lemon juice. You can also order your martini with gin, if that’s your pleasure. I love the smell of cucumbers, and this drink was indeed refreshing. I’m not sure how much vodka was put in the drink though. Dear Ben ordered a Hoegaarden draft.

Cucumber Martini

We ordered three plates to start: Grilled Sausage and Lentils, the Tartine, and Mediterranean Olives. We picked the Grilled Sausage and Lentils since we had such a pleasant experience with this kind of dish earlier in the week. What a let down! It was a sweet chicken sausage, and it tasted just like something I could get in from the grocery store. The French green lentils were my favorite item of the night though. Very simply prepared, seasoned with shallots and a vinaigrette.

Grilled Sausage and Lentils

The Tartine was another item that I probably could have made better at home. It sounded delicious by reading the menu: Split French Baguette lightly baked with prosciutto, fig preserves, and gorgonzola. But the bread was thick, and the toppings were thin. The fig preserves were spread lightly across the bread, followed by gorgonzola sprinkles, and finally, very thin slices of prosciutto. Unfortunately, the flavor of the prosciutto was lost in the more dominant flavors of the fig preserves and gorgonzola. Each half was cut into thirds, so you can imagine that the middle piece was by far the best. I saved that piece for last.


So you can’t mess up olives, right? The Mediterranean olives were marinated in a brine of herbs and spices. They weren’t necessarily messed up, but they weren’t anything truly special or unique. We were just so disappointed at this point that we didn’t even bother “sitting” any longer, so we didn’t finish the olives.

Mediterranean Olives
In theory, I’m attracted to a place where I can unwind while enjoying a drink paired with small plates of food. The atmosphere is warm and relaxed, and I might enjoy it for a happy hour with a group of friends. The food, however, missed the mark. It all sounded appetizing, but the taste just did not excite my palate. I probably won’t find myself sitting in “The Sitting Room” again anytime soon.

…and those are my
Notes from the Napkin!

The Sitting Room
108 W Roy Street
Seattle, WA 98119-3830

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