Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tacos Jerez - Huntington Beach

I always notice the word "Tacos," and I noticed this new taco joint while driving down Beach Blvd. recently. I knew it was somewhere that I must try.

Pretty basic menu, and I love the 89 cent tacos!

Salsa and Condiment Bar

From left to right:
Dark red salsa - hot; green salsa - nice heat, but not overpowering;
chunky salsa - refeshing, can eat it with a spoon.

I love those marinated carrots!

I ordered the Taco Combo for $4.50. It comes with three tacos, rice, and beans. You can choose any combination of meat: chicken, beef, or pork. Of course I got one of each. The pork was my favorite, followed by beef, and finally the chicken. These are small tacos (3-4 bites) with two soft corn tortillas, meat, cilantro, and onion. I really love the simplicity of tacos like this, and these were quite enjoyable. I feel like I could eat a six pack of them!

The rice and beans aren't anything to really write about. They tasted fine, but I didn't find anything truly special about them.

Taco Combo Plate

Dear Ben order the "flautas" for $4.50. They are really taquitos, and you don't get a choice of meat. They are chicken. Four flautas/taquitos come in one servings, and it's topped with lettuce, cheese, and plenty of guacamole. They were pretty good, but definitely not a flauta that you might get at, say, Fiesta Grill. The guacamole was the best part of the plate, and thank goodness there are so generous with it!


Dear Ben and I both really loved the Taco Revolutionario. It's a bigger taco and the meat isn't chopped. Plus, you get a little side of guacamole with it. As you can see Dear Ben couldn't wait for a picture before digging in. These tacos go for $1.49.

Taco Revolutionario

Overall, I liked the food at Tacos Jerez. Best part: tacos. Worst part: the lady cleaning the floor with a very strong cleaner. Seriously? The smell definitely interfered with my eating enjoyment. On the flip side, I'm glad they clean. So, if you're craving a simple and authentic taco, give this place a shot.

Tacos Jerez
17673 Beach Blvd.
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

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