Friday, May 10, 2013

Midori Bakery - Redmond,WA

What can wake a sleeping blog? You guessed it, something that takes your breath away. Oh, I'm much more of a savory girl, and that's what makes the fact that Midori Bakery is what has awoken this sleeping blogger so amazing. I'm not exaggerating. Midori makes me squeal with delight. Squeal.

I heard about Midori from Friend Colleen.  Friend Colleen discovered Midori's tasty treats from the Woodinville Wedding show at Novelty Hill/Januik Winery, and the promptly passed the word. I don't waste time; I made a trip to the bakery the next day. All I needed were words like: Bacon Cheddar Cheese Scone with Caramelized Onions, Madrange White Ham and Swiss Croissant with Dijon Mustard, Pain au Chocolat (that's a Chocolate Croissant, y'all), along with some beautifully decorated specialty cakes - just check out their facebook page!

You might guess that I'm not easily impressed with cake decorations. I was impressed. So impressed I booked Midori for the Babe's 3rd Birthday party without tasting a thing. Pictures matter, right, Mamas?

In the meantime, the Babe and I visited Midori each and every Wednesday before soccer. Lemon Ginger Scones, Twice Baked Blueberry Croissants, Mushroom Broiche with Comté cheese, and the espresso chocolate pecan cookie, among other things. I found myself making playdates after soccer just so I could bring someone else a treat from Midori - and I couldn't let them eat alone. I'm a true Southerner, you know.

The Babe's Birthday rolls around, and Baker Morgan sends me a draft of birthday cake designs. Again, to say that I was impressed is an understatement. Her ideas, and the way that she captured the exact theme, was impeccable.  Baker Morgan and her husband, Baker Jeremy, together have a talent that I haven't found since falling in love with the pastry excellence of Certified Master Baker, Arturo Diaz, who made my wedding cake ten magical years ago.  Truly, this dynamic duo, too, creates magic.

Not only can the Midori team put a design on paper, but let me just tell you, they have one steady hand (hands?). The intricate details made the cake a work of art. I almost didn't want to cut it, but I handed Dear Ben the cake knife anyway.  I'm glad I did, and I think the rest of the guests were glad too.


Top layer, vanilla and vanilla. No color. No sprinkles. Nothing to turn off a 3 year old. Yet full of vanilla goodness. She even makes her own vanilla syrup. Woah. The bottom layer, chocolate cake with salted caramel mousse with a whiskey ganache. That sounds like a mouth full, you say? Tell me about it, I've been eating it during naptime all week.  (No judging, please).


Finally, we sent our guests packing with the most buttery, delicious shortbread cookie that you ever did taste. Dear Ben, who likes to think I'm silly for searching for the most fabulous things to eat, admitted that the cookie was the best he ever had. We had four leftover. I ate three. I savored them in the glorious Seattle sunshine that we've been blessed with. Can you imagine a more magnificent moment that eating a cookie with Heaven practically shining down on you with each and every bite. Over the top? You try it and tell me. I'm just trying to think what other occasion I can justify ordering these cookies.  Midori wrapped these darling favors and tied that pretty little bow too. Thank you, Morgan and Jeremy!


Go ahead, Ohhh and Ahh over the details of the cake, and then give Midori Bakery a call for your cake needs. Don't even think about trying to get the last weekend in April though. It's mine. Indefinitely. Don't want a cake? Go anyway. Savory and sweet, there's something for everyone. Plus, they have coffee, and I hear they are getting an ice machine for those, like me, that want an iced Americano. Spill your favorites on my facebook page (Notes from the Napkin - Blog), and you're welcome.

Midori Bakery
14676 NE 95th Street
Redmond, WA 

(425) 307-1394
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